7 Instagram Accounts to Follow | Healthy Eating Inspiration

Any food-related Instagram accounts I follow belong to one of three categories—healthy, ice cream and oysters.

For the past few months, I found that the most dynamic and interesting Instagram accounts I follow are run by bloggers and digital entrepreneurs from a bunch of difference Facebook groups.

(I consider the beverage-related Instagram accounts to be an entirely different animal 🙂 )

Here are seven accounts that inspire me to make responsible food choices instead of living on only bubbly, ramen and macarons:
















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A Francophile based in coastal New England

7 thoughts on “7 Instagram Accounts to Follow | Healthy Eating Inspiration

  1. That dog is awesome! But anyway…it’s always nice to find some new and interesting Instagram accounts to follow. So thank you for sharing your recommendations!


  2. This is really cool! Thanks for the recommendations, always looking out for new Instagram accounts to obsessively browse haha ❤


    1. I’m actually not vegan, but my parents follow a diet regimen that’s nearly vegan, so I’ve learned a lot about choosing healthy alternatives to sugary items


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