Riding Shotgun by Kygo & Oliver Nelson feat. Bonnie McKee

Kids in Love Kygo

It may be towards the end of year, but there is plenty of music yet to come before those “Best of 2017” playlists come out.

Kygo does it again ‘Riding Shotgun’ with Oliver Nelson and Bonnie McKee. A story of seemingly impossible love, it’s all about keeping it alive, even if it drives you crazy.

‘Riding Shotgun’ is from Kygo’s sophomore album Kids in Love.

Gonna just come out and say it
I think both of us are crazy
But I love you anyhow
It’s just how we get down
One of us lost and the other is found
And I found myself a partner
Even though it’s getting darker
If you feel like hope is gone
We can make it to dawn
Baby, we just gotta keep holding on

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