#GirlBoss Quotes for International Women’s Day

I have been so lucky to have surrounded myself with inspirational women throughout my life.

I grew up in a family with strong women. I grew up in a family with strong men who believed in strong women. I have younger cousins—three girls—who will grow up with the same values.

Then, there are my friends. Mes amis. Women of all ages, experiences, and situations. From Rhode Island, Connecticut and wherever they are. Men who believe that women are worth more than being pretty dolls cooking in the kitchen.

I will never have the right words to express my gratitude for them.

Audrey Hepburn quoteAnna Wintour quote

As a manager in fashion retail, I’ve worked for women who shared so much of their knowledge and taught me everything I know about selling, buying, merchandising, management, customer service and most importantly, what it takes to find the perfect pair of jeans. I’ve worked alongside co-workers from different backgrounds who choose to work hard and be present, even if they don’t “need” a job, and co-workers who never stop pushing their limits to succeed.

A few years back, I started as an intern with no experience. Today, I can confidently style and upsell on the sales floor and manage store operations without freaking out.

Caroline de Maigret quote

As a freelance social media consultant and virtual assistant, I’ve met incredible women who run their own businesses, each one specializes in different niches. These are women who believe in their passion every day and work hard to make it their career. These are the same women who are dedicated mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, and aunts.

These women are fearless in their pursuit of a good life for themselves and their loved ones.

Rihanna quoteDiana Vreeland quote

Let’s be honest—I would not be here without these women who were willing to believe in me. This is something I think of often when I look at my life and the things I’ve been able to do.

I am so blessed to have all of these strong women who have given me hand.

Merci, je vous aime tellement

Simone de Beauvoir quoteJessica Alba quote

And to all of the other women who have been in my life in some way—to the women that I lost touch with, to the women who I may have had petty fallouts with in the past, to the women who I grew up with in Connecticut but have never exchanged a word with since moving to Rhode Island and Paris—I hope you know that your work, whatever you do, matters.

Lastly, to the women who want to keep their success to themselves—to the women who try to take advantage of others to get ahead, to the women who are not honest with their journey, to the women who think that “breaking in” their employees involves demeaning and disrespecting others, to the women who want to blame men for their circumstances without doing anything to help themselves—I hope that you will change one day soon.

I hope you find the courage to reach back with grace.


Michelle Obama quote

What is your favorite inspirational quote? Feel free to share in the comments!


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