On Replay | Fall 2018 Playlist

This is a Francophile lifestyle blog—so why do you see random pop song blog posts here?

Full Disclosure: one of the reasons why is because the lyric graphics I make perform well on Pinterest. If you’re a blogger or social media marketer, you understand that viral pins can help bolster web traffic. It’s not the most altruistic motive, but I’m just trying the best I can to manage my time to drive traffic to my blog while juggling new blog post writing and my virtual assistant side-hustle, not to mention working my full-time job…

However, web traffic is not the main reason behind the music posts.

When I share favorite songs on the blog, they typically summarize how I feel about things I’m going through at the time of posting. The music speaks for what I can’t openly discuss on social media. In the past, they’ve spoken for unhealthy relationships, complicated situations, difficult times.

The collection of songs I currently have on replay have served me well since late summer. A lot has gone on in my life recently—or maybe it’s only the rapid torrent of thoughts that I tend to keep to myself.

I don’t know anymore. All I can do is do my best to keep up.

Happy Now—Zedd, Elley Duhé 

pablo (3).png

By Your Side—Jonas Blue

By Your Side Jonas Blue


pablo (7).png

Happier—Marshmello feat. Bastille

Happier Marshmello Bastille lyrics

Without Me—Halsey

pablo (5).png

Sunflower—Post Malone, Swae Lee

pablo (6).png

It’s clear that the over-arching themes in this playlist amount to a blend of forgiveness and surrender…or lack thereof.

In that sense, the suggestion of pessimism is quite relevant to a Francophile lifestyle blog. The heart of everything—beautiful or difficult or both or something in the middle—is embedded with a darkness, an unanswered wonder of possibilities that will never happen or the stark reality of what exists.

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