Bye Bye by Gryffin feat. Ivy Idara

Bye Bye Gryffin lyric feat Ivy Adara

It’s been a while since I shared a song on the blog.

I kept forgetting sharing this one because I couldn’t remember the artist. It wasn’t until I was sitting at a Mother’s Day dinner where the restaurant was blaring EDM that this song reappeared and I was able to recall some lyrics to Google.

Bye Bye by Griffin featuring Ivy Adara is a track that I look forward to blaring back and forth to Rhode Island this summer.

This ain’t right and we know it
Be outta sight when I’m finished with this cup of coffee
It’s the last time we’ll be golden
Don’t wanna cry
‘Cause I don’t know where to go but I’m going
And we’ll say we’ll stay in touch but we won’t and
We’re just staying ’cause we’re scared to be lonely
But we both know this ship’s sinking slowly
Don’t wanna see you, wanna kiss you, wanna love you
But I don’t wanna say bye don’t wanna say bye
I got my reasons but I get caught in my feelings
And I don’t wanna say bye, don’t wanna say bye bye

Bye Bye Gryffin feat Ivy Adara lyric


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