Why You Should Create a Vision Board

I’m a huge believer in personal development.

With that being said, I also hate staring down blank sheets of paper while writing purpose statements, personal goals, and values. I don’t want to undermine the importance of creating lists—they’re essential organizational tools—but it can be helpful to represent your desired outcomes in a non-text form.

As a creative, I would recommend creating a vision board as a personal development activity.

What is a vision board?

The goal of a vision board is to help you visualize your goals.

It’s important to note that making a vision board does not mean that you’re done with setting your goals. A vision board is highly engaging and inspirational but is only one part of building your personal journey.

To illustrate this point, let’s pretend that you want to start exercising more often. For a week, you research different at-home workout routines on social media or finally purchase a gym membership. At the end of the week, you promise yourself that you will begin exercising after the weekend.

… Did you decide to exercise the following week or did you decide to put it off until another time?

In order for a vision board to work, you need to realize that your actions will make your goals a reality. No one can expect to achieve their goal without working on making them happen every day.

Why should I bother making a vision board?

The short, PC answer: Because it’s a reminder that encourages you to keep believing in your journey.

The long, personal answer: Look. There was a time when I didn’t get vision boards. They’re just cute, emotionally charged collages, right? A laughable concept to many. And others dismiss vision boards altogether. Here’s the thing—I was recently reviewing some old blog posts and I found pictures of a vision board that I had made in 2015. The board was simple, only featuring a photo, a few inspirational quotes from fortune cookies and a Ladurée business card. It was all about Paris. In 2017, I found myself moving to Paris and lived there on-and-off for 2.5 years. My vision board was not how I moved to Paris, but it reminded me to maintain a perspective and focus through the process. The intention behind my vision board was clear.

View of Notre Dame cathedral and Seine River

How to Make a Vision Board

There’s no wrong way to put together your vision board. It’s your vision. I prefer the old fashioned method of cutting images from old magazines that are lying around the house and need to be recycled anyway. If you prefer a digital vision board, then I would recommend making a Pinterest board.

personal vision board example

Travel vision board example

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Set clear intentions.
  2. Don’t be afraid to dream big. If you like it, put it on.
  3. If you find yourself pulling inspiration for two different things—career and travel, for example—then you should probably make two different vision boards. It will help you stay focused.
  4. When you’re done making your vision board, put it in a place where you’ll see it day-to-day.

Paris Apartment Balcony


As you wrap up your vision board and put ideas to paper or Pinterest board, I hope that you’re motivated and optimistic about what you’re manifesting.

Remember—a vision board is highly engaging and inspirational but is only one part of building your personal journey. Action is what will make your vision come true. How are you holding yourself accountable to reach your goals? Are you doing something every day to get one step closer to your goal?

Hang onto your vision as you move forward—you never know how far you’ll go.

Aquidneck sailboat in Newport, Rhode Island

Additional Resources

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