Summers, a Spot of Sunshine in Brooklyn

Nothing like summer-lovin’ on a spring-like day in Brooklyn…in late February My friend Cara and I were headed to Brooklyn from the Upper East Side when she got called into the hospital to work on a case. While I waited to hear back from her, I hopped onto the L train, hopped off at Bedford […]

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The Lotos Club

My alma mater hosted a beautiful alumni reception at The Lotos Club on East 66th and Fifth Avenue last week. I didn’t really take photos. Even if I had, I doubt that the photos would have done the elegant setting justice. I only wish that I captured the evening cocktail—appropriately named “The Vanderbilt,” it mixed […]

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Summer 2016 in Pictures

After two difficult years, this summer has made up for time I thought I already lost.  It was the first summer that I wasn’t either living or spending an extended period of time in Rhode Island—I thought I was going to be stuck in suburbia, perhaps make the occasional trip to New York City. I […]

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BXL Zoute

A Belgian outpost in New York’s Flatiron District My brother Dylan and I planned to meet for lunch in the city, but didn’t decide where until the morning of.  “Have you ever been to the Belgian place?” You know your brother knows his francophile sister when he suggests “the Belgian place” a few blocks away […]

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Effy’s Kitchen | Spanish Harlem, NYC

My friend Cara took me to a hidden gem for bottomless brunch in her neighborhood. We ventured a few short blocks from Upper East Side to check out Effy’s Kitchen towards the outer edge of Spanish Harlem. The restaurant’s bottomless brunch special–one main dish with endless mimosas–costs only $20. If you’re trying to find a […]

Read More to Host Garance Dore in NYC

I’ve kept my eyes peeled for Fashionista’s next event since I attended their How to Make it in Fashion conference last fall. On April 27, Garance Doré—blogger, illustrator, photographer and author—will be Fashionista’s guest speaker for their upcoming NYC meet-up. Doré is a part of the “first wave” of successful fashion bloggers to truly run […]

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