Oxford, Day 11: When Bees Attack

My Shakespeare course was off to a normal start, until one girl pointed out a huge bee on the window sill in the classroom. After a few screams, pictures, and some prods with an umbrella, the professor was able to capture the bee using a cup and my essay–yikes–and released it outdoors. 
In Literature of Oxford, the group visited the Sheldonian Theater featured in Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure. We were not able to get into the theater, but we were happy to enjoy the sunny weather. Afterwards, we walked to the Lamb and Flag pub, where Hardy wrote the book, and also where Jude drunkenly recites the Nicean Creed. The Lamb and Flag framed the page where it was featured in the novel and is on display in the hallway.
I picked up a few postcards for family at the Alice Store and another souvenir shop nearby. I also picked up a copy of Alice and Wonderland for my second cousins and wrapped in Alice-themed wrapping paper. Even though they are too young to read it themselves, it is a fun story time book for children, or it may come in handy if they study Alice in school. 
For dinner, I stopped by Cook and bought Cranberry Crush juice and Hearty Fisherman’s Pie–“naturally-smoked haddock, cod and salmon, poached lightly and served in a white wine and tomato sauce, layered with fresh spinach and topped with creamy mashed potato.” Needless to say, it was phenomenal. 

Sheldonian Theater

Lamb and Flag

Excerpt from Jude the Obscure where the Lamb and Flag is mentioned

Postcards for the family in the States!

Alice in Wonderland wrapped in Alice in Wonderland wrapping paper


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