Paris, Day 9: Saint Eustache, Opéra Garnier, and Montmartre

Les Halles, located in the 1è arrondissement, is home to two Renaissance style monuments: La Fontaine des Innocents and Saint-Eustache. According to our professor, Les Halles is the largest pedestrian area in Europe–it also one of the largest métro stops and one of the shopping centers in Paris.
La Fontaine des Innocents

Les Halles is currently being renovated, and it’s not the first time it’s been redone. The city is updating Les Halles with a contemporary style canopy over the center of the walkway.


I went straight from Saint-Eustache to Opéra Garnier to meet my French professor and a group of students from my home university. I joined their group tour of the Opéra, which was more than breathtaking.

I accidentally took some pictures inside the theater, but out of respect for the Opéra–and a mild fear of getting fined or sued–they will not be posted. However, there are plenty of other architectural and artistic details to admire…

Palais Garnier

The Phantom of the Opera’s box
After the tour, we all got lunch at L’Haussmannien, which is only a few streets away from Les Galleries 
Lafayette and a few steps away from Le Marquis, a bar my study abroad group and I went to last week. 

The scallops and risotto were much needed after a long day. So was the kir cassis and the nutella crêpe I ordered for dessert.
Out of the Salve group, two girls went to shop at H&M, while Tina, Ellen and I went to Monmartre and Sacré Cœur. Tina and Ellen were staying in the 9è arrondissement, so it wasn’t too far of a walk. The only challenge, though, was the stairs–I tried running up them as fast as possible to get it over with…
You can imagine what I felt like after the fourth set of stairs, let alone how I felt by the time I reached the top…
When the three of us entered Sacré Cœur, there were nuns conducting a prayer service. Photography is forbidden inside Sacré Cœur, but it’s another treasure of Paris I will not forget.

Monmartre at sundown
Monmartre at night

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