Paris, Day 11: Place Vendôme, Saint Roch and Palais Royal

We drove through Place Vendôme and Palais Royal on the bus tour last week, but we walked around the area in class. We walked around Napoléan’s pillar, then made our way over to Saint Roch.

Ministry of Justice
The shops by Place Vendôme are the most expensive in Paris–the display windows were absolutely stunning.

This is a children’s boutique and there are Gucci shoes in the window…

According to legend, Saint Roch was a doctor and healed the sick during the Black Plague. He eventually caught the Plague, so he banished himself to the woods to isolate himself from others and in anticipation of his death. While he was in the woods, a dog visited Saint Roch everyday and gave him a piece of bread to eat. With the help of the dog, Saint Roch was restored to health.

St. Roch

St. Roch holding a piece of bread and a medicinal staff with his dog at his side

The campus of the Palais Royal is exquisite. The Comédie Française is on the corner of the street, then the Ministry of Communication, the gardens, and several other offices are inside the Palais Royal. I’ll be seeing Don Juan at the Comédie Française on Sunday, which I’m more than excited for…

Comédie Française

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