Oxford, Day 27: Mad Hatter Tea and More Nonsense

My roommate and I  walked nearly all day from the dorm, to lunch at our favorite sandwich shop, Le Parisien, then to city centre. We stayed downtown for most of the day window shopping and picking up last-minute souvenirs for family. We went to shops on Broad Street, High Street, and Primark before having afternoon tea at Cafe Loco down the street from Alice’s Shop and Christ Church College.

Cafe Loco’s atmosphere is a modern interpretation of an Alice-themed coffee shop. There are print canvases of the illustrations in the original Alice in Wonderland in the minimalist, airy space. 
After resting from our long excursion in city center, we met up with other university students and walked to Jericho for Indian food. I never had it before, and it was good to try, but I could not help but think I have not had macaroni and cheese from Cook yet…
To wrap up the night, we stopped at Jude the Obscure pub to watch the EuroCup match, Germany vs. Greece.
Favorite Panini, Favorite Sandwich Shop–Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil by Le Parisien
There was a donation setup for a local bird sanctuary in front of the Westgate Shopping Center where Primark is

We walked through the mystery street with the knob-less doors and  Rochester’s Story Supplies

Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea


Walking to Jericho

Chicken Biryani with a side of vegetable curry
No way that dog is pink…
Wait, yes it is

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