Oxford, Day 19: Grand Cafe

The other day I was blogging from another dorm that has WiFi– but really, there is internet back at my dorm! It feels as good as Christmas morning.

My roommate and I did visit the Grand Cafe on High Street–it was absolutely gorgeous. High Street is arguably the most fashionable street in Oxford’s city center. It is still a little touristy, but the upscale boutiques and the farther distance from restaurants and bars keeps foreigners from wandering far down the street where the Grand Cafe is. After passing Jack Wills, the Covered Market, and Starbucks, the sidewalk has a higher ratio of Oxford students and residents to tourists.  
I bought vegetarian, all-natural sausage to have with pasta. I did not have time to make a proper sauce, but it   tasted pretty good with plain pasta. The future plan involves cooking a sauce on simmer for the day with sausage and having it with tortellini. 
For Literature of Oxford, the class met up at the dorm where most of students live, which is a ten minute walk down the road from Logan House. Some students and the professor prepared a surprise tea party and we watched a movie version Persuasion (1995). I tend to be overly critical of films, but this adaptation did a good job sticking with Austen’s original text and casting actors who could bring the dialogue alive (whether the performance was Oscar-worthy is debatable). 
After the movie, the university hosted a goodbye BBQ for international students who have been studying and boarding since January and our group was also invited to come. I watched some of the EuroCup match (Italy vs. Croatia, 1-1) while eating some American-style BBQ–a bit of a paradox, don’t you think?
The Grand Cafe

Fusili, Vegetarian Sausage, Olive Oil served with Sparkling Cranberry Juice
Tea party!
British swag

Scone with butter, clotted cream, raspberry jam, and a dollop of whipped cream served with Earl Grey tea

Cake from the BBQ

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