Hermione-Lafayette Makes Voyage from France to U.S.

The French tall ship Hermione-Lafayette has been making her way up the East Coast from Yorktown, PA towards Lunenburg, Nova Scotia—she will be stopping at Fort Adams in Newport, R.I. during July 8-9.

The Hermione-Lafayette—an exact replica of the Marquis de Lafayette’s vessel in 1780—is the most authentically built tall ship in the past 150 years. It took nearly 20 years for the tall ship’s construction.

Tours of the Hermione-Lafayette will be open to the general public as well as scheduled pier-side events, including, historic shipbuilding crafts demonstrations, interactive conversations with the young volunteer sailors, and a lineup of cultural activities like costumed performances by seasoned re-enactors, concerts of period and contemporary music and food and craft exhibitions. To see the full list of events, visit Hermione-Lafayette’s website.

About the Friends of Hermione-Lafayette in America, Inc.

In 2015, a handcrafted replica of the Hermione the 18th century frigate that brought the young Marquis de Lafayette with French troops back to General Washington, a historic voyage that changed the course in our quest for independence – will return to America. The Hermione’s itinerary reaffirms the historic relationship between the United States and France. The Friends of Lafayette-Hermione in America, Inc., a non-profit group, supports this exciting adventure – partnering alongside local heritage and nautical groups, students and teachers K-through-12, and many cultural organizations, museums and universities – with a full program of exciting educational, musical, culinary and special events scheduled at each port during 2015.

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