18th Century French Chateau to Host Cultural Heritage and Decorative Arts Workshop

Messors and Chateau de Gudanes are partnering together for their second 10-day workshop this summer.

From July 29 through August 7, participants will gain firsthand experience studying cultural heritage and historic preservation in the South of France.

This 10 day experience aims to immerse participants in the conservation of cultural heritage encompassing decorative arts, canvas restoration, frame making and gilding. This will be the 2nd year to integrate a hands-on learning workshop as part of the ongoing heritage conservation projects at Château de Gudanes. No prerequisites are required to attend. This workshop is an open learning workshop under the tutelage of Italian art restorer and Messors founder and director Tonio Creanza, British Fine Art restorer Tim Everett and Chateau owner Karina Waters. The 18th century Chateau de Gudanes will act as our living school of decorative arts history where layers of motifs of past decades and ownership are still present. Its rooms that once welcomed French nobility, philosophers and playwright Voltaire and will also lend themselves as our unique place of lodging and feasting.

Built in the 1700s, Chateau de Gudanes is tucked away in the secluded Pyrenees mountains, an hour and a half from Toulouse. The architect who designed the chateau is Ange-Jacques Gabriel, the Parisian architect who designed the Petit Trianon at Versailles, Place de la Concorde and Hotel de Crillon. 
In November 2013, an Australian family was brave enough to take on the challenge of breathing new life into the chateau. The Waters not only plan on repairing the long-neglected home, but seek to preserve the natural spirit and of the architectural masterpiece.  The family shares pictures of their restoration journey on Instagram and they’re absolutely breathtaking.
As the renovations continue, there is still plenty going at Chateau de Gudanes—journalists have been flocking to the site and covering the project, as well as hosting special events (dream wedding, anyone?). 
Over Easter weekend, JOURNEES D’AUTOMNE passed through Toulouse and stopped for lunch at the chateau.
To learn more information on the workshop, visit the Messors website

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