Fishers Island Lemonade, the Next-Level Hard Lemonade

Your summer nights and weekend brunches will never be the same.

I first heard of Fishers Island Lemonade when I was reading an issue of Report from Newport, Salve Regina University’s magazine. I didn’t pay attention to the mention of whiskey or the phrase “cocktail in a can”—a recent graduate, I was more focused on the inspiring success story of an alumnae’s business venture.
I finally tried the Fishers Island earlier this summer—it wasn’t until I had a few sips that I truly understood how serious this lemonade is. 
Take a good look at the picture and read the can.
100% Spiked. 9.0% ALC/VOL. VODKA AND WHISKEY.
Fishers Island does not play around—it’s no wonder that Town & Country gave it a nod as one of the best drinks of the summer. This is truly a full-bodied, refreshing cocktail in a can. 
When life gives you Fishers Island Lemonade, you better be lounging in the comfort of a lawn chair or waterfront bar with no plans to drive.

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