Is This It?

Seine River at Sunset in Paris, France

I shouldn’t feel the need to explain what’s happening in my life. Maybe I’ve been away from the ocean for too long. Maybe I’m going crazy. Maybe I’m completely fine, just tired, and I should probably stop writing and go to bed. I feel like I’m going to get a lot of pushback on this […]

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Personal Goals for 2019

My shortlist of personal, yet attainable, goals to build a better future for 2019 and beyond

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How I Accidentally Created My Own Side-Hustle

Although I have tried to keep my professional life separate from my blog, I guess it’s time to explain what I actually do for a living. My professional background is both fashion retail management and digital marketing. I started working for small contemporary boutiques, eventually moving up to a full-time management position at a corporate […]

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A Change of Plan

Even though Plan A may no longer an option, it doesn’t mean there are no other options

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Adjusting to Parisian Life

Neuilly-sur-Seine, France sunset

I’m not even sure where to begin describing what it’s like to move across an ocean to build a new life and live with your boyfriend. I take way too pictures of street corners and flowers. I eat breakfast at 12:30 pm, because my body still thinks its 6:30 am with the +6 hour time […]

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