California Central Coast | Big Sur

A first trip to the West Coast seems incomplete without seeing the Pacific Ocean.

We met up with a few more friends in Monterey before making the hour and fifteen minute drive down to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.
My friend Steph, who is also from the East Coast, told me to pay attention to the grandeur of the landscape—nothing I had ever seen in New England came close to the scale of the mountains, hills and dunes in the NoCal and Central Coast area.
It’s hard to capture the surreal feeling of seeing the golden, jagged coastline along Highway 1 for the first time—you’re not sure if you should be paying attention to the steep, sprawling hills or the infinite ocean. 
Then, when you think you’re awed enough by nature, you see fantastic manmade structures like the Bixby Bridge or private multi-million dollar glass homes in the cliffs emerge from the landscape and your mind is blown.

McWay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is an iconic natural landmark along Big Sur. It’s one of two waterfalls that falls into the Pacific Ocean, the second being Alamere Falls.
Although many people only know Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park for McWay Falls, there’s also a beautiful redwood forest where you can follow the creek up the mountain. 
Each one of us explored the trail in different ways at their own pace, which made the hike more of an adventurous stroll than an arduous workout.
Then again, getting down the mountain after walking up did require more attention…

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