A Night Out in North Beach, San Francisco

It doesn’t matter if your body is jet-lagged and thrown off by the time difference.

If you’re in San Francisco, you’re going out. Here’s how to do it right in North Beach.
A Night Out in North Beach
Start off at Black Magic Voodoo Lounge on Lombard Street. Ask for their specialty shot…

Keep walking down the street.

And keep walking.

A little further.
Then go to Maggie McGarry’s for live music–hopefully there will be a high-energy 90s cover band for you to sing your heart out. Have a beer or two.

Once your voice is almost shot, leave, but stay on Grant Avenue. 

Go to the next bar that has a long line outside.

Skip the long line and head to the bar next door (Tupelo?). Get a quick drink.

Find the bar with the killer basement (KELLS). Dance your face off. Have no shame. 

Keep dancing in the killer basement. Get lost in the crowd.

Re-group with everyone and find late-night food before heading back to the apartment.

End the night at Sam’s Pizza, one of Anthony Bourdain’s favorites in San Francisco. Bring cash.

And always remember that if you and your friends can’t drive… get an Uber.

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