F is for France, a Curious Cabinet of French Wonders by Piu Eatwell

For Francophiles and travel lovers looking for new icebreakers

As much as I love reading historical fiction and biographies, it’s always nice to switch to lighter novels every once in a while. F is for France was sitting pretty on the “Featured Books” shelf at my local library—I took it as a sign to check out right away.
Each chapter dissects France’s culture in perfect bite-size facts that are made more memorable with the author’s fun, quirky descriptions. Eatwell looks beyond the traditional guidebooks and focuses on more local lore to offer readers a fresh take on Paris—her British-born sensibilities reveal themselves in several instances where she artfully illustrates some cultural differences between France and England
A few of my favorite passages are Coffee, Champagne, Oysters, Paris, Restaurants…
If you’re starting holiday gift shopping, F is for France is a great gift for yourself or for the Francophile in your life.

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A Francophile based in coastal New England

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