7 Instagram Accounts to Follow | Paris, France

It’s hard to choose which Instagram accounts are my favorite, because I want to love everything.

I went through the “Photos You’ve Liked” in settings and found that I liked artfully arranged cocktails, exotic beaches, oceans, cherry blossoms, Paris, New York City, a lot of my friends’ travel photos and a ton of Newport photos.

Through my brief research—scrolling my history for 5 minutes—I was surprised to find that I consistently liked a small handful of specific Paris-based influencers.

It’s worth acknowledging that Instagram’s algorithm change impacted who gets a “<3.” I’ve had to manually search for some Instagram accounts that got lost in the technical shuffle. For example, London-based This is Glamorous is the blog that has inspired me for years, but I noticed that they were barely in the “Photos You’ve Liked” archive.

These are some of my favorite Paris-centric Instagram accounts that I always look forward to seeing pop up on my feed:


I found this account through searching #doorsofinstagram and the photos never disappoint—I have liked every. single. photo. since I started following.



It’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of Paris architecture, but capturing simple, intimate moments can create the same effect. I love the featured combination of Paris snapshots and everyday things.



Romain Rossignol works as a sales director at Adikteev, but he does a great job at capturing the urban Parisian landscape. Most of the Instagram influencers I follow have lighter, rosier editing, so seeing some shadow and thoughtful perspectives adds an interesting edge to my feed.



I was never the type of girl to dream about weddings, but this photographer proves that it is possible to make a “fantasy wedding” into a stunning, romantic reality. It’s not just white gowns, floral arrangements and tablescapes—the portaits of the couples are so perfect.



Caroline de Maigret exemplifies the Parisian woman who exudes effortless style and je ne sais quoi. A model-turned-music-producer-turned-model-again, she inspires strength and confidence for women everywhere. Take a few notes from de Maigret and the other co-authors of How to be Parisian Wherever You Are for a boost of Parisian It-Girl attitude.



The Paris Tourist Office takes full advantage of its influence to curate an amazing Instagram account. It’s hard to think of a better way to market and advertise the City of Light!



Carin Olsson’s journey to Paris from Sweden has been incredible to follow—she takes you to strolling through Île de la Cité and Sunday brunches, then behind the closed doors of Parisian ateliers and private presentations. She knows how to curate her content perfectly for still images, video and Instagram Stories—she’s the first Instagram account that helped me visualize the amazing potential for Instagram stories on her trip to the Four Seasons Maldives Resort.



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