How to Shuck Oysters with the Real Oyster Cult

Nothing like kicking off summer with fresh New England oysters

I’ve been meaning to order from the Real Oyster Cult this spring, but Memorial Day weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity to share the experience with family in Leesburg, Virginia—it only seemed right to bring a taste of New England with relatives who love oysters.

Based in Duxbury, Massachusetts, the Real Oyster Cult works with several oyster farms to curate a selection of fresh oysters. The company sends the oysters overnight, straight to the front door. The final step is shucking and enjoying the oysters.

It was hard to choose among the variety, but I decided on the Standish Shore oysters.

Standish Shore Oysters with The Real Oyster Cult

Learning How to Shuck

As much as I love oysters, I never learned how to shuck before.

Thankfully, my uncle knows how to shuck quahogs, so he showed me and my cousin Peyton the best way to do it.

Uncle Bob’s Tips for Oyster Shucking

  • Rinse off the oysters in the sink to wash off any sand or seaweed
  • Hold the oyster in a towel with the flat side on top
  • Press and wiggle the shucking knife into the back of the oyster while firmly holding the oyster in a towel
  • Once you feel the muscle of the oyster release, move the shucking knife upward motion across the shell

Unfortunately, we did find one casualty while shucking—it will be very obvious once you spot a dead oyster.

Standish Shore Oysters courtesy of Real Oyster Cult

Down the Hatch

In the end, everyone loved the lightness and texture of the oysters. I paired the oysters with a glass of light rosé to bring the best out of the flavors.

I would absolutely order oysters from the Real Oyster Cult again. Whether you’re shucking the oysters or only watching, the shucking process is a fun experience for everyone. Aside from a minor kink with the ordering process—it was easier on my Mac than on the iPhone app—it was seamless and easy.

Thanks to the Real Oyster Cult for the oysters and delivering a great experience!

How to Shuck Oysters w Real Oyster Cult

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