Local Feature in Our Paris Stories

Our Paris Stories Mia Lupo

When you move anywhere new and meet new people, the common questions are predictable.

If you move within your own region, the conversation is brief. Not much of an explanation needed.

If you move outside of your own region—perhaps an uncomfortably long drive away, not necessarily across the country—you are expected to answer few more questions. “A change of scenery” is a sufficient reply.


But when you move to a new country—a place where you need to learn a new language, become fluent in another culture—the common questions can become borderline existential conversations.  The central question for expats living abroad is short, simple, yet all-encompassing:

What brought you here?

Our Paris Stories is dedicated to sharing the stories of expats’ journeys to Paris, France and to inspire individuals who wish to do the same. Led by founder Melissa Lim with photographers Leah Chernick and Kate Devine, Our Paris Stories allows readers to truly understand what it means to establish a life in the City of Light.

I am happy to have shared my own story with OPS—I hope you enjoy reading my feature, as well as other interviews of expats in Paris, France.

Our Paris Stories Mia Lupo
Photo Credit: Kate Devine/Our Paris Stories


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A Francophile based in coastal New England

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