Margiela, Retrospective Exhibit at Palais Galliera

Margiela / Galliera, 1989-2009 leads visitors through the first retrospective exhibit of Maison Martin Margiela

Earlier this month, Palais Galliera opened Margiela / Galliera, 1989-2009, a retrospective exhibit of Belgian designer Martin Margiela.

All designers develop a concept for their collections. So what makes Margiela’s thought process different?

Margiela at Palais Galliera 27

Margiela develops his concepts on such a cerebral level and constructs around it. He never falls into the frenzy of furiously creating a new concept every season—building his concept supersedes the demanding fashion calendar, which is why similar silhouettes reappear from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter.  Margiela takes care to thoroughly develop his concepts over multiple seasons.

Margiela’s process is remarkably stable, considering how the frenetic the fashion industry can be.

Margiela at Palais Galliera 28Margiela at Palais Galliera 29Margiela at Palais Galliera 2IMG_1819Margiela at Palais GallieraIMG_1822

Margiela radically stands apart from the fashion landscape with his innovative play on proportions and balancing the subordination of clean neutrals and whites with a combination of layered textures from fabric that was either reclaimed or made perfectly distressed, nearly destroyed, with techniques; his employment of “Every Women” as runway models and choosing wastelands or underground venues for his runway shows; and his great efforts to distance his personality far from his work. Margiela continues to stay true to his anonymity today.

Arguably one of the most avant-garde designers in prêt-à-porter, it is clear that Margiela chose to have his work speak for itself.

Margiela at Palais Galliera 22
Margiela found this antique women’s bust that’s the equivalent of several XLs in today’s sizing. This was the source of inspiration for several of Marigela’s enlarged proportions

Margiela at Palais Galliera 16Margiela at Palais Galliera 15

Personal is the first word that comes to mind to describe Margiela’s work. All of the choices Margiela made—the designs, the shows, the anonymity—were dedicated to the spirit of preserving a personal essence. Margiela purposely leaves room for spectators to imagine, to interpret, to experience this personal essence.

If anything, Margiela has focused on imbuing his absence rather than his presence, which in turn has developed into an omnipotent, well-respected influence in the fashion world.

Margiela at Palais Galliera 18
There are several “Chambres de fan” or recreated “fan rooms” inspired by Margiela’s collections

Margiela at Palais Galliera 24Margiela at Palais Galliera 25Margiela at Palais Galliera 26Margiela at Palais Galliera 23Margiela at Palais Galliera 21Margiela at Palais Galliera 20IMG_1820 2Margiela at Palais Galliera 19Margiela at Palais Galliera 4Margiela at Palais Galliera 3

Tips for Planning Your Visit

If you’re a full-fledged fashion addict, note these two partnership offers:

  • With a full price ticket from the MAD Paris, benefit from a reduced rate for visiting this exhibition – and reciprocally (valid from March 22nd to July 15th, 2018).
  • With a full price ticket from the Musée Yves Saint Laurent, Paris, benefit from a reduced rate for visiting this exhibition – and reciprocally (valid only the same day). *Note: Musée YSL is right around the corner from Palais Galliera

For more information on reduced rates, visit the exhibit website.

Margiela / Galliera, 1989-2009 is on view through July 15, 2018 at Palais Galliera.

Margiela at Palais Galliera 17Margiela at Palais Galliera 14Margiela at Palais Galliera 13Margiela at Palais Galliera 12Margiela at Palais Galliera 11Margiela at Palais Galliera 10Margiela at Palais Galliera 9Margiela at Palais Galliera 8Margiela at Palais Galliera 7IMG_1824Margiela at Palais Galliera 6Margiela at Palais Galliera 5IMG_1823 2IMG_1817MargielaGalliera 1989-2009

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