Things I Miss About Living in Paris

Sharing a quick montage of things I miss about Paris and look forward to seeing again soon

It’s been quite a summer being back in the United States. I’m settling back into work, back into my local comforts, back into my old routine of New England living…but I can’t help but carry on with my day knowing that a big part of my life is missing.

Long distance relationships are tough.

When you’ve found the right person, love is easy.

There’s a lot involved, of course. Bridging different cultural concepts takes patience. Communicating between different time zones and different languages takes stamina. Listening to each other, embracing each other’s truths and faults, supporting each other’s dreams, takes a special kind of devotion. Love isn’t without effort, but it’s never a burden. Never.

However, the physical logistics and the visa processes and navigating how to live in the same country in a turbulent political climate and trying to pay off your student loans and also save for a house but you can’t save for a house because you’re trying to pay off your student loans?

… Yea. That’s not as easy.

I can now count down the days on this month’s calendar until I go back to France. In the meantime, we’ll continue working and believing that things will play out the way that we want them to.

Here’s a list of things that I cannot wait to see, hear, and taste in Paris:


Early morning walks

Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, France



La boulangerie

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Co-working cafés

co-working cafe



Petit Palais in Paris, France

Maison Margiela at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris

IMG_0650 2.jpg

Hidden streets

IMG_2966 2




rue Cre




The golden hours


IMG_3222 2

Neuilly-sur-Seine, France



New adventures


IMG_2735 2

Oleron, France

Je t’aime


Photo Credit: Jonathan Oamar Weiss

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