Photo Diary, A Snowy Walk in Montmartre

When you have a running grand total of 20,609 photos on your Camera Roll, you have an impressive personal stock photo database at the tip of your fingers.

I’ve realized that there are a lot of pictures that I’ve already shared on the blog but not on Instagram or vice versa or worse—I may have failed to post them anywhere.

These photos were taken last winter. It had been a few years since the last Instagrammable snowfall in Paris, so it was a big deal for photographers and bloggers to take advantage of the “substantial amount” of snow for their content.

I woke up early. It was still dark. I had French language class on Rive Gauche late morning but still needed to make sure I had ample time to take the metro from completely opposite sides of Paris.

By the time I got out of the house and made my way to Montmartre, it lightened up as much as it could on a sun-less, grey day in Paris.

Café in Montmartre, ParisCafé in Montmartre, ParisLe Saint Jean Montmartre Parisimg_1288-minLe Relais de la Butte Montmartre ParisMontmartre Paris in winterMontmartre Paris in winterMontmartre Paris in winter

La Bonne Franquette Montmartre Paris


Quiet moments in Paris are rare.

If they happen, it’s like the city whispers something in your ear that teases out your sub-conscience to make you think, think more, and then think more still about the moving pieces in your life.

You will always remember when Paris whispers to you.

And if you’re lucky to find yourself in the City of Light’s rare stillness—and if you truly listen—you will always wish the city could whisper to you.

Montmartre Paris in winter

Montmartre Paris in winter

Chez Eugène Montmartre Paris

Au Clairon des Chasseurs Montmartre Paris

Au Clairon des Chasseurs Montmartre Paris

Chez Eugène Montmartre Paris

Basilique du Sacreé Cœur Montmartre

View of Paris from Montmartre

View of Paris from Montmartre winter



View of Paris from Montmartre winter


I hope you enjoyed this photo walk through Montmartre! It’s one of my favorite places to bring people visiting Paris for the first time.

Have you ever visited Montmartre before? How was your experience?


P.S. Visiting Paris for a bit? I’ve shared my list of favorite suggestions of things to do and see in Paris!

Paris France recommendations by Mia Lupo


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