How to Keep Your Smile Bright White This Summer

A sponsored review of Smile Brilliant, the at-home teeth whitening kit that you need to start today

Why I Decided to Whiten My Teeth

As a Francophile, I regularly indulge in a variety of snacks, entrées, and beverages that can wear down my smile.

Café. Rosé. Saint André. 

I’m not going to lie—I’ve had really good luck with my dental health. I’ve never had braces or retainers. And, quite honestly, I never questioned the whiteness of my smile until a few years ago when I was living in Paris.

Fast forward two years to the present day. It reached a point where I noticed my Francophile habits impacting my smile—the multiple cups of black coffee and the regular glasses of Côtes du Rhone red wine and Provence rosé with dinner were adding up.

In photos, I saw that my smile was not as bright as it had been before. It was time to make a change and kick my smile into shape for the summer!


The 6 Main Reasons Why I Decided to Try At-Home Teeth Whitening

My personal and professional motives were enough to encourage me to find the right teeth whitening solution.

At work, I’m always face-to-face with clients. Personal image is important in retail and a white smile is a natural accessory.  I also wear a lot of ivory and white to work—it would be a shame for my ivory silk blouses to make my yellow-ing smile look more yellow than I would like.

At grad school, I’m always making new connections. I want to make sure that I’m making a good impression with my colleagues.

While I’m with family and friends—and while I’m traveling—I don’t want to be embarrassed by photos that will be immortalized on social media! I’d rather avoid reminders of my less-than-bright-white smile all over Instagram and Facebook memories and TimeHop.

I pack a lot of activities into my life, so it made sense that the teeth whitening process that I chose was not only effective but also incredibly easy to use and convenient. The last thing that I wanted was to end up confused by instructions and discouraged from the teeth whitening process.

I knew that there were other ways to whiten my teeth in time for summer, but the alternatives seemed less effective (teeth whitening strips available at the pharmacy) or too expensive (a trip to the dentist).


Why Choose Smile Brilliant?

Smile Brilliant had everything that I was looking for in a teeth whitening brand.

The Smile Brilliant process is straightforward and easy to understand. The instructions are clear and illustrated in several photos and pamphlets. Online videos are also available to watch and follow along during the custom fit tray molding process, which can be the most challenging part of the service.

Smile Brilliant brand values high-quality products to deliver high-quality results. It’s clear that the products are well-equipped to help clients make their smile as white as can be. The custom fit dental trays, along with the resilient whitening gel formula, provide a personalized teeth whitening experience that delivers real results.

If you’re currently comparing teeth whitening methods, here are a few things to keep in mind:

JPEG Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Comparison.jpg

The Results (so far)

The results pictured in this blog post are only the result of 1 syringe, which is 3-4 applications at 45-60 minute sessions each time. I made sure to cautiously approach the teeth whitening applications to avoid effects of oversensitivity to the whitening gel.

With that being said, I had no issues and I will be sure to leave on the Smile Brilliant whitening gel on my teeth closer to 90 minutes for whiter results.



User-Friendly Tips for Teeth Whitening

In addition to the helpful guides, I want to share some tips that I found helpful during the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening process.

  • It’s a two-step process. The first part is completing your custom fit dental trays. The second part is using your custom fit dental trays with the whitening gel for 45-90 minutes and the desensitizing gel for 15-20 minutes afterward.
  • Don’t panic if your dental impressions aren’t perfect the first time. When you are making your dental impressions for your custom fit trays, the kit includes one spare pair of catalyst and base pastes in case something goes wrong.
  • When you are making your dental impressions, use a timer! Do not eyeball or guess that you are following time, you want to do this right!
  • The process is worth the wait. There may not be instant gratification with the Smile Brilliant process in comparison to
  • After each session of teeth whitening, avoid drinking and eating for 30 minutes. It’s advised to do the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening process right before bed to avoid the possibility of staining your teeth, period.



Start Your Own Teeth Whitening Journey!

Now it’s your turn to try Smile Brilliant for yourself! Enter for a chance to win your own Smile Brilliant kit below:

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If you want to take charge of your smile ASAP, you can use the code psbymacaronhoarder15 at checkout to receive 15% off your order:

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Merci mille fois à Smile Brilliant for making my smile bright this summer!

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