Oxford, Day 18: Magdalen College

Originally published June 13, 2012this blog post series is an undergraduate short-term study abroad trip in Oxford, UK in partnership with Salve Regina University and St. Clare’s Oxford. The blog post may have been edited for clarity and updated with relevant travel information and links.


In class, we visited Magdalen College where renowned author C.S. Lewis studied. Magdalen College, named after Mary Magdalene, is located off of High Street, a two-minute walk from New College and a five-minute walk from Christ Church College. We walked around the quad, the cloisters, the chapel, the walking path, and the Deer Park.

Yes. Magdalen College has a deer park.

There is also a bar by the river where people can go punting. To explain punting a little more, it involves directing a narrow river boat by using a long pole that touches the bottom of the river. In other words, punting involves serious concentration and a solid workout for the person actively directing the boat with the pole. The passengers only require patience and a prayer for the “punt-er” to not crash the boat into a bridge.

The class did not go punting, but we watched other people punt from a cafe overlooking the dock.

The weather was so agreeable that after touring the campus, a few friends and I went back to Binsey and went to The Perch. Sipping tea under the willow tree made for a perfect evening.

Our professor pointed out The Grand Cafe to us on the way back from Magdalen College. It is the oldest coffee house in England and looks like one of the most elegant. My roommate and I want to have tea there before class tomorrow—hopefully, it works out!

The New Building–built in the 1600s
Addison’s Walk
Deer Park
Old Kitchen Bar
Green Tea and Chocolate Cake
Dining Hall
Walking back to Binsey
The Perch
British mini cooper
The Grand Cafe–the oldest coffee house in England since 1650

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