Oxford, Day 8: Too Good to be True

Originally published on June 3, 2012, this blog post series is an undergraduate short-term study abroad trip in Oxford, UK.

My roommate and I ate at a restaurant in Summertown for brunch. I had French toast there before, which was delicious, so I decided to try something new. I ordered one of my favorite brunch dishes, eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce and salmon…Should have known better that it would taste a lot different here than in the United States.

I ordered the French toast afterward, specifically telling the waiter I was unhappy with the dish I ordered, thinking it would be free…Should have known that I would have been charged for it. Since I did order it, I cannot complain, because it is my own fault, but a similar situation happened at another restaurant, and I got the second dish for free.

Oh well. Now I know to play it safe when it comes to eating abroad.

The dish in question

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