Meet Mecha Noodle Bar, Connecticut’s Favorite Ramen and Pho Shop

Mecha Noodle Bar IG Credit: @eatramen

Originally published December 16, 2016, this blog post may have been edited for clarity and updated with relevant information and links.

Slurping encouraged at Fairfield County’s favorite ramen noodle bar

I scrolled through the roster of restaurant reviews on my blog and realized that there are a number of my favorite spots missing, like Mecha Noodle Bar in SoNo.

For those who aren’t familiar with ramen noodle bars, this is not the Cup of Noodles that you had in college. This is a bowl of love from Mom and Pop’s Southeast Asian kitchen—but literally, since Mecha means “Mom and Pop” in Vietnamese. And it’s not right to chalk up Mecha Noodle Bar as simply an Asian fusion restaurant, because it’s more of an “American-Vietnamese-Japanese-Thai-Chinese-Korean-New England-Momofuku-Totto-and-Ippudo-inspired” noodle bar.

Spicy miso ramen at Mecha Noodle Bar in South Norwalk, Connecticut

If you’re a fan of pho, Vietnamese noodles, then you’re in luck—Mecha serves both ramen and pho dishes.

Mecha Noodle Bar has three locations—Fairfield is their original location, followed by SoNo and New Haven, which recently opened in Fall 2016.

Although the space in New Haven feels larger and more open, I prefer the SoNo location for its laid-back, downtown vibe. I’ve had some great conversations with the bartenders and other people while eating solo at the bar.

At the other locations, it feels like you need to have a date with you—this is especially true in Fairfield, which has a tiny bar in comparison to SoNo and New Haven.

Ramen isn’t just for cold weather—I love coming to Mecha year-round. My favorite meal at Mecha comprises of roasted mushroom dumplings as an appetizer, spicy miso ramen, and the 99 Problems cocktail. Honestly, the entire menu is pretty spectacular, as are the Happy Hour specials between 4pm-6pm on weekdays.

It’s tough deciding whether or not I prefer Mecha’s spicy miso or Boru’s spicy miso in Newport…

Cocktail at Mecha Noodle Bar in South Norwalk, Connecticut

Update: Mecha Noodle Bar has expanded and now has locations in Stamford, CT; West Hartford, CT; Brookline, MA, and Boston, MA (Seaport). In May 2023, Mecha Noodle Bar will celebrate their 10th anniversary!

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