Newport Restaurant Week 2013: Scales and Shells

I wrote a restaurant review of Scales and Shells  for Discover Newport’s blog, from Stem to Stern. As you’ll read below, it’s the absolute go-to place in Newport for seafood. I owe a huge thanks to the staff at Discover Newport and Andrea McHugh of Newport Stylephile for the opportunity:

Newport Restaurant Week has finally begun! Newport Restaurant Week provides an opportunity for both locals and tourists to enjoy the diverse cuisine and experience the special atmosphere of each restaurant. The prix-fixe menu—$ 16 for lunch, $30 for dinner—is an affordable treat even for college students and the perfect excuse to take a break from the campus cafeteria.

I’ve made it a tradition to celebrate Newport Restaurant Week with friends and family since my first year at Salve Regina University. To celebrate the first night of this year’s Newport Restaurant Week—and the end of a very busy week—my college roommate Lauren and I went to Scales & Shells Restaurant and Raw Bar.
I’ve walked or driven past Scales & Shells many times, but I had never eaten there before. When I asked my friends who had eaten there about their experiences, they were more than happy to recommend it.

As a seafood lover, it was tough deciding what to order because everything on the dinner menu looked phenomenal, but I ended up choosing the shrimp spring roll with sweet and spicy dipping sauce for the appetizer; the broiled New England codfish topped with breadcrumbs and butter, served with a grilled vegetable kabob for the entrée; and chocolate gelato for dessert.
Lauren also ordered the shrimp spring roll as an appetizer, but she decided to get the grilled Toro tuna with grilled asparagus and mushrooms served with French fries for her entrée and vanilla gelato for her dessert.

The shrimp spring roll

I meant to take a picture of the codfish before I started eating it, but I couldn’t exercise enough self-control to wait.
On first bite of the shrimp spring roll, it became obvious that this was what fresh seafood was supposed to taste like. My family has bought fresh fish from Galilee in Narragansett, R.I. and prepared it at home, but I realized I had never eaten fresher seafood at a restaurant before.
The entrées looked, smelled, and tasted like seafood heaven. It pained me not to finish the codfish and the vegetable kabob—my stomach simply ran out of room. The grilled tuna had the same effect on Lauren, but thankfully she had enough for leftovers. We were both stuffed, yet, after being conquered by the portion size of the codfish, I’m still not sure how I was able to finish the chocolate gelato. It may have taken several deep and determined breaths to make myself consume as much delicious fare as my jeans would let me (thankfully, the jeans have stretch).
I intend to return to Scales and Shells again, whether it’s for dinner with my family or for a girl’s night out on the town. I also hope to go to one more restaurant for Newport Restaurant Week to celebrate my 21stbirthday next Saturday…
Suggestions, anyone?
Newport’s Only ‘Only Fish’ Restaurant
527 Thames Street
Newport, RI 02840
(401)-846-FISH (3474)
Be sure to check out all of the participating restaurants and their delicious menus on Discover Newport’s website! Don’t miss out on all of the delicious lunch and dinner prix-fixes –Newport Restaurant Week lasts through Sunday November 10th.

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