Packing for January in Paris

Basically I’m listing everything I packed for my three-week study abroad in Paris, France at La Sorbonne. It’s by no means an exhaustive list–and it will most likely change between now and when I leave for the airport–but after the trip, I hope to revisit this list and see if there was anything that wasn’t worth bringing:
Two suitcases, one laptop bag. 
2 pullover sweaters
2 cardigans
3 sweater jackets
5 dresses 
3 basic long sleeve shirts
3 t shirts
3 basic tank tops
1 dress shirt
1 dress tank top
2 sets of pajamas 
4 pairs of pants
1 skirt
10 pairs of socks
3 pairs of tights
other sous-vêtements 

I just realized there’s a stain on camera lens…

3 scarves
2 pairs of gloves
3 handbags
5 pairs of shoes

iPhone 5S
Digital camera
Hair curler
2 grounded US to Europe plug adapters (three-prong)
1 US to Europe plug adapter (two-prong)

Facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc.
Glasses lens cleaner
les produits feminins
Paris Moleskine journal
Fashion journal

Lint roller

Judging from studying abroad in Oxford, I know I’m going to bring back one handbag and one pair of shoes at least

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