First Day of Spring & National Macaron Day

Spring has finally sprung.
Spring ahead, fall behind.
Swing into spring!
Whatever phrase you prefer, there was no denying spring arrived today in Newport!
I went for a drive on Ocean Drive a few days ago and I finally snapped a picture of this part of the road. This is my favorite house on Ocean Drive, by far

I have had International Macaron Day saved as an event on my calendar for the past month and I was happy to partake my second annual ritual at The French Confection. I had a brief break during the day, so I sipped on a vanilla spice chai latte and nibbled on three macarons: lavender, rose and pistachio.

Actually, my friend Steph stopped by and she tried the pistachio flavor. She had been determined to go plant-hunting for a new house plant, so we tried looking for a greenhouse in Newport… We learned from our stop at Water’s Edge on Broadway that most of the good plants come from Portsmouth, an excursion for another spring day…

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