A Moment of Prayer for Nice

My heart is stricken with deep love and sympathy for France.

Whether inflicted by nature or by man, each nation has experienced its episodes of destitution, cruelty and absolute savageries.

But a deliberate attack on a country founded on liberté, égalité and fraternité—a trinity of unalienable rights for all human beings—is a rabid attempt to darken the future for those who want to build a more beautiful world.

For France to experience such tragedy on Bastille Day—their national day of pride for all French people—exacerbates the calamity.

Whether by hand of nature or man, an attack on any nation is deplorable.

Because an attack on the seaside promenade in the South of France stretches beyond French borders.

This is not just about Nice, France.

This is about the series of hurtful and oppressive atrocities committed by humans, inflicted on other humans.

After the waves draw back into the sea
After the final brick falls from the concrete wall
After the last bullet casing drops to the ground
After every stolen breath surrenders to an unknown silence

I hope to always find the strength to work towards a better world

And never it give up.

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A Francophile based in coastal New England

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