Naschmarkt, the Perfect Place for Foodies in Vienna

Explore the largest covered market in Austria

If you were to start from one end of the Naschmarkt and take a sample from each stand, you’d be more than stuffed by the time you reached the end. The entire market is over 1 km long with three rows of stands, so be ready to brace yourself if you take on this challenge in the summer when the vendors are out in full force…

The Naschmarkt is a great place to visit for any visitor, because it transcends all ages and interests. Visiting large museums or small galleries are one way to experience wherever you’re visiting, but trying local cuisine is always great way to get a real taste of the area’s culture.

Not only is the Naschmarkt a great place to pick up fresh produce, ingredients and gifts, but there’s also a variety of restaurants with different cuisines. If you’re craving something in particular—even if it’s not Viennese dishes—it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to find it in the Naschmarkt.

After settling into the hostel a few steps away, Steph and I walked around the market and bought handmade soaps at Alles Seife before eating a late lunch at La Marée. It only seemed appropriate to celebrate arriving in Vienna with mussels and champagne.

A lot of guidebooks and travel blogs point out how coffee, meat and sweets are the main pillars of the Viennese diet. I’m not a vegetarian, but I was not looking forward to the possibility of eating lamb or sausage everyday. Thankfully I was able to find plenty of other traditional Viennese dishes that didn’t have meat.

It’s easy to get to Naschmarkt via U-Bahn—you’ll either stop at Karlsplatz or Kettenbruckengasse, depending where you’re coming from.

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