Musée du Parfum by Fragonard Shares the History of French Perfume

Originally published August 25, 2017, the blog post may have been edited for clarity and updated with relevant information and links.

One of the best free things to do in Paris is to visit the Musée du Parfum (Perfume Museum) by Fragonard in the 9th arrondissement.

How to Get to Musée du Parfum

Located around the corner from Palais Garnier, Musée du Parfum is easily accessible from the Opera metro stop and a short walk up rue Auber and left at Square de l’Opéra-Louis Jouvet. Auber, an RER A stop, is also nearby.

What to Expect During Your Tour at Musée du Parfum

I was pleasantly surprised the free tour is a guided tour. There’s no need to book in advance, tours are held every 20 minutes.

You can choose to take the guided tour in French or English. I would highly recommend taking the French tour if you can understand the language because it’s a more enriching cultural experience—the French already know the basics of perfume, so the tour guide can explore some details in more depth.

The tour guide explains how the perfume is made, the basics of the olfactory pyramid, and perfume’s cultural significance in France. The tour ends with a perfume workshop—think of it as a wine tasting but with luxurious French scents instead of French wine. Participants are invited to guess the different fragrance notes in the perfumes and the tour guide will give additional tips like what distinguishes masculine and feminine scents and how to best apply perfume.

The Musée du Parfum is run by Fragonard—and you’re obviously encouraged to buy a souvenir in the perfume shop at the end of the tour—but the overview of perfume’s manufacturing, history, and application is an excellent way to engage with French culture.

If you would like a more “next level” experience, there is the Connoisseur Tour for those interested in both art history and perfume, as well as Olfactory Talks, which feature perfume experts once a month to discuss the history of perfume within their area of expertise. Check out more information on the museum’s website.

Musée du Parfum exterieur
Fragonard Musée du Parfum
Fragonard Musée du Parfum bouteilles du parfum
Fragonard Musée du Parfum fragrances

Note: Musée du Parfum by Fragonard is not to be confused with Le Grand Musée du Parfum in the 8th arrondissement on rue Faubourg de Saint Honoré. 

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6 thoughts on “Musée du Parfum by Fragonard Shares the History of French Perfume

  1. This looks like an amazing way to spend part of an afternoon! I can’t wait to add this to my itinerary for my next trip to Paris


  2. this is super interesting! The french are responsible for everything glamorous! I recently wrote about how they revolutionized the vanity table, and it was super interesting to learn about! Magnifique- j’aime ca!


  3. Oooh… I live in Zurich, and Paris is only a 4-hour train trip away! Definitely bookmarking this for my next visit, and I really like your blog, by the way!


    1. Thank you so much! If you plan on visiting Paris before January, the largest Christian Dior exhibit is on view at Musée des Arts Decoratifs. Be sure to check it out if you can. (BTW, Zurich is on my travel bucket list!)


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