Inside Galapagos Boutique and Dave’s Coffee, Two Treasures in Charlestown, Rhode Island

Originally posted July 18, 2012, the blog post may have been edited for clarity and updated with relevant information and links. 

I have passed it travelling back and forth from Connecticut to Rhode Island countless times.
I have wanted to check out Galapagos Boutique for years.

Today was the day my mother, brother, and I finally went—the boutique was everything I imagined it to be and more.

Galapagos Boutique is located off Old Post Road in Charlestown by Wilcox Tavern and a short drive away from the beach. The old rose building and modern “Galapagos Boutique” sign stand out while you drive along the road.

Dave’s Coffee shares the space with Galapagos—tables, and chairs invite customers to sit outside Dave’s after ordering one of their signature iced coffees.

When you pull into the parking lot, there is a miniature waterfall fountain enclosed by a charming garden also complete with a set of chairs to sip your Dave’s Coffee after shopping at Galapagos. At the entrance of the boutique, there is a tree with all of the designer brands nailed to the branches—a designer fashion tree of life.

And yes, I am well aware that I am bragging about the exterior of the boutique and haven’t even described it inside.

Opening the front door, you are greeted by shelves of handbags and jewelry and a staircase adorned with soft scarves. It is as if the world of fashion is kissing you on both cheeks and saying “Welcome home.”

Galapagos Boutique carries a wide range of designer brands including J Brand, Diane von Furstenburg, Trina Turk, Yummie Tummie, Alice & Olivia, t-bags Los Angeles, Joe’s Jeans, Tano Handbags, and so much more.

The pictures I took of the space do not do Galapagos or Dave’s Coffee justice, so stop by and check these places out yourself!

First floor
Galapagos also has a selection of men’s apparel. I love the prints on these men’s shirts.
I love this tank
Coffee lounge
I ordered a frozen hot chocolate which was great, but I had a sip of my mom’s iced mocha and plan on ordering that next time.
Coffee syrup is a staple in every Rhode Island home, or it should be.

2023 Update

Both Galapagos Boutique and Dave’s Coffee remain longstanding institutions in Charlestown, Rhode Island.

In August 2022, Galapagos Boutique was mentioned in Rhode Island Monthly as one of 6 Rhode Island Boutiques to Refresh Your Wardrobe.

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