Belated New Year’s Resolution

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I am already several blog posts in, and I haven’t listed my New Year’s resolutions yet…

If you want me to answer in the traditional list, I suppose my resolutions would be:
1. Being more punctual–> biggest challenge at university
2. Hit the gym at least three times… this semester
3. Professional college student business (networking, summer jobs, internships…)
4. Learn more about the business of fashion
5. Read for class and for life
6. Remember to smile, even on a rainy day
That list is something I will try to go by–I just made it up on the fly, but it does sound legitimate, doesn’t it?

To be honest, my real NYR actually one all-encompassing idea:
Accept what is before becoming what will be.
I came up with that saying a few days ago, and I believe it truly sums up what I have been trying to reach all along–accepting loved ones, luck (and misfortunes), and myself completely. Genuinely. Instead of fighting to become someone else, focus on what you love and what you have.
Even though I love fashion, there is always a conflict running through my thoughts, because I know that valuing the “superficiality of sequins” will not bring happiness. The concept of wholly accepting everything that comes into your life, positive or not, is something I think a lot of people try to achieve. Even if something negative enters your life, accept it, learn from it, then move on to accept a more positive experience.

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