Boulinier, Parisian Secondhand Bookstore Chain

There’s an exhausting list of things we need for the apartment, but it’s time to have fun and add some small, decorative personal touches.

The bookshelf in our apartment looks a little empty, so I found a list of secondhand bookstores written by Insidr Paris and decided to head to Boulinier in Bonne Nouvelle.

If you’re looking to shop for English books, this Boulinier location only carries a small selection of English novels and an even smaller selection of English books mixed in the shelves. There are several other stores that also carry vinyls, films and music.



I don’t know if my French fluency will reach the point where I can read an entire novel in French—it killed me to leave Jackie Kennedy’s biography on the shelf, knowing that I couldn’t read the 500 pages.



I found a few magazines and books to build my book collection. I might go back to pick up the Paris vs. New York book I saw on the counter by the front desk…


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