How to Keep Busy During Social Distancing

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I don’t even want to write out the word in this post. Everyone knows that a global pandemic is putting everything on hold.

The #NotBudLightvirus.

I’m not an economist or a public health professional or a politician, but it’s clear that things aren’t easy at the moment. Governments continue to tighten restrictions for businesses and social activities as the number of cases continues to climb.

People are hoarding non-perishables. People are applying for unemployment. People are homeschooling their children at home. People are trying not to freak out.

People are dying.


Despite what’s happening, it’s more important than ever to follow protocol to keep you, your loved ones, and your community safe—and that means staying at home.

In French? #RestezChezVous

In plain English? #StayTheFuckHome

A Year in Provence book series by Peter Mayle

Here’s the list of activities that I plan on doing while practicing social distancing:

  1. Read a bunch of books that I’ve been collecting at local book sales over the past few years. The small stacks of books around my bedroom will finally serve more of a purpose than decoration.
  2. Also, read some books for my dissertation research
  3. … And, actually, work on my dissertation
  4. Complete a few digital marketing certifications from HubSpot Academy.
  5. Maybe even try coding with Free Code Camp?!
  6. Watch live streaming content on Instagram Direct and Facebook Live from your favorite influencers and publications. Many companies are taking the opportunity to create digital connections by having interviews, panels, or other engaging virtual experiences. It’s a great time to dive into your passions and maybe learn something new!
  7. Keeping in touch with loved ones with phone calls and text messages.
  8. Host virtual Happy Hours via Zoom. I’ve hosted one so far with a few coworkers and it was a fun couple of hours. Those social activities will go a long way during the indefinite period of self-isolation.
  9. Sleep. Let’s be real, I’ve already been sleeping a lot.
  10. Exercise. My full-time job—which is now in question, considering the current state of fashion retail—is fairly active, but I need to keep moving at home. While I wait for my workout clothes to arrive from Pact—a sustainable clothing company— I’ll be researching low-intensity workout routines and yoga poses on Instagram and Pinterest. And yes, I know that I don’t need fancy workout clothes during a global pandemic, but I may as well have something else to wear besides old sweatpants and another black T-shirt.
  11. Clean the clutter. Ugh.
  12. Make a vision board. It definitely helps pass the time and gives you a dose of hope and positivity to hang onto as you think about your future goals—here’s a guide on how to start your own vision board!
  13. Travel digitally through social media, blogs, email newsletters as well as free cultural exhibits and performances that are now available online. The Guardian and The Washington Post have two good lists to start from—I’ve also posted a short guide to free virtual museum tours in France!
  14. And even though I’m already glued to the news, it helps find light and humor in the Internet’s crazy memes and GIFs while scrolling on the screen.

HubSpot Academy free online certification

Learn French on Instagram


Gods and Kings by Dana Thomas, Manus Ex Machina at The Met


On Rue Tatin by Susan Herrmann Loomis


Stay safe and be well!

#RestezChezVous PSbyMH modern

How are you staying occupied during this period of social distancing? Feel free to share in the comments!

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