Oxford, Day 21: A Most Fashionable Day in London

Originally posted June 17, 2012, this blog post series is an undergraduate short-term study abroad trip in Oxford, UK in partnership with Salve Regina University and St. Clare’s Oxford. The blog post may have been edited for clarity and updated with relevant travel information and links.



Considering it was only for the day, I don’t think I had a typical tourist visit to London. I didn’t sit through the three-hour guided bus tour or do the London Eye, but this is what I ended up doing instead:

  1. Visit the Christian Louboutin 20th anniversary exhibit at the Design Museum
  2. Window shop at Harrods
  3. Celebrate the day by stopping at the Veuve Clicquot Champagne Bar in Harrods
  4. Drink tea and eat macaroons at Laduree before leaving Harrods
  5. Watch a live production of Henry V at the Globe Theatre
  6. Eat dinner at Wagamama

Because there are so many pictures (eighty, I think), it will be easier to walk you through the day by captioning the photos.

The Queen’s Walk along the Thames River
Bike rentals by Barclays 
Ruins of Winchester Palace, built in the 12th century.  Bishops used to stay here when visiting town until the 17th century and the Palace was converted to warehouses and residences. The ruins were finally revealed in the 1980s. 
Golden Hinde Galleon Ship
Southwark Cathedral is located in what used to be the common man’s territory for servants way back when. The priest put it simply as “the cathedral for the poor who could not afford to live on the other side of London across the Thames.” Shakespeare and his brother were buried here, as well as other notable servants of the monarchy who attended the parish.
Jubilee Market, the farmer’s market in the area
Lunch at Pret A Manger–Meatball sandwich in a tortilla wrap served with Pomegranate  juice
I did not notice the mini stream…until I stepped in it
Mini water park with a view of London Bridge
London Bridge from Potters Fields
Design Museum!
Ever since I found out about the exhibit last winter, I have been dying to go, and I did! The exhibit was everything I could have imagined and more. It covered Louboutin’s early life and career, and more importantly, showcased Louboutin’s masterpieces–the shoes. There was a mini display of shoes on the staircase which can give you a small taste of the exhibit and its cabaret-circus feel. 
Honestly, I would be willing to go through hoops to have a pair of Louboutins
The big book of Christian Louboutin’s designs (the thick pink one) came out last fall. There were also Christian Louboutin stationery, notebooks, and posters at the Design Museum bookstore. 
More books for my future fashion library
Kensington Palace. My friend and I noticed the palace on the opposite side of the river. We both kept remarking on how it looked really important, but neither of us knew what it was until we found the plaque.
Riding the Tube
Burberry flagship store
Lacoste flagship store
Topshop flagship
The only reason why I went to Harrods in the first place was because my friend had a gift card there. I knew Harrods was a huge luxury department store, but I did not fully anticipate how HUGE it was. Each floor has every luxury good imaginable–clothing, home, food, wine, sporting goods… Can you say seven floors of heaven? I wish I could take more pictures, but I was told several times no photography was allowed. I did manage to get a picture of a beautiful Alaia jacket, though. 
Jacket by Alaia
Veuve Clicquot Champagne Bar
Gift shop
We looked at the wine shop in the basement and found $20,000 bottle of wine
Laduree is my new obsession. I have seen pictures of their macaroons on Instagram and my brother told me about it before I left. This was my favorite part of the day in London.
I could not leave without buying a small box of macaroons.
Marie Antoinette tea and chocolate, vanilla, and cherry blossom macaroons
After Harrods, we stopped by Hyde Park briefly before making our way to the Globe Theatre.
I saw a taxi with the Coach logo all over it, but this one made my day too. Hopefully a travel destination in the future?
Yasai Katsu Curry–“sweet potato, aubergine, and butternut squash deep-fried in panko breadcrumbs, served with a curry sauce and sticky white rice. garnished with dressed mixed leaves and red pickles.”
Globe Theatre at night

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