Oxford, Day 22: Studying, Starbucks, "Bangers and Mash"

Originally posted June 17, 2012, this blog post series is an undergraduate short-term study abroad trip in Oxford, UK in partnership with Salve Regina University and St. Clare’s Oxford. The blog post may have been edited for clarity and updated with relevant travel information and links.

It was a beautiful afternoon in Oxford—too bad I had to work on my essays instead…

After eating lunch and tea in the dorm, I camped out at Starbucks on High Street for a few hours and had a Frappucino and a cookie. I worked on my Shakespeare paper which discusses stoicism in Hamlet and Juliet Caesar, but not so much on the short paper on Evelyn Waugh, the author of Brideshead Revisited. I am still working on the essays–both due tomorrow–but I am excited to work on my Shakespeare paper here in England.

The magic of Oxford Academia has inspired me to overachieve.

A few friends and I went to the Rose and Crown on North Parade. I finally had “bangers and mash”–a simple dish of sausage, mashed potatoes, and gravy. It is no gourmet dish, but it is a good choice for a typical rainy English evening.

Sidewalk graffiti 
I love her outfit
Starbucks on High Street
Camp out
Tall Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino and a Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookie
“Bangers and Mash”
Outdoor courtyard with awning

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