How to Set Up Your Arbonne Party

If you’re just starting to launch your Arbonne business, here are some tips and tricks on how to organize your materials and samples for your events.

1. Get the right materials for prospects 

Be sure to order the extra catalogues and brochures, such as “The Arbonne Advantage” or the “Host Planner” handout, as well as a sign-in sheet or form. You want to make sure you’re providing your guests with the most information about Arbonne and the different ways that they can engage in the business–remember that everyone you meet has the potential to be a consultant, a preferred client, a host, or a referral. 

2. Put together smart, informational signage

My roommate Brittany, who is also an Arbonne consultant, put together these great looking sheets that broke down all of the benefits of being a consultant, host and preferred client. This way guests can read some information before you present and get an idea of how they would like to join Arbonne.
Detox tea with local honey

3. Group your products by line and place them around the room

It’s common sense, but make it easy for your guests to walk and talk to see all of the different product lines. It’s kind of awkward when everyone flocks into one part of the room in a cluster. 
RE9 Anti-Aging line, Arbonne’s best-selling line
The Calm line, for sensitive skin

4. Add personal touches to your decor

Present the products in way that reflects both your style and Arbonne’s pure, safe and beneficial image. I always love fresh flowers in my house anyway, but I also bought platters to put some of the product lines on. You can also use linens, non-scented candles, and other party accessories–like matching plates, napkins, or silverware–to make it feel extra special. 

FC5 line

Pure, safe, beneficial cosmetics

5. Say thank you!

Remember when you were a kid and left a birthday party with a little favor? Give the gift of that same excitement with a goodie bag for your guests. You can choose from a selection of mini-product samples in the Business Aids section of Arbonne’s website. Be sure to include your business card with your Arbonne consultant ID # with a little thank-you note, too!

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